Zest! the Museum for Bizarre Art is a Lovian museum and a recent brainchild of Lars Washington. The museum is located on 9, Empire Avenue in Mandarin Village, Noble City, overlooking bustling Eppinck Square. It opened officially on April 6, 2009. Zest! stands for Zulu-est, the museum explained.

About the museum Edit

During his recent traveling around the globe Lars Washington has come across some old manuscripts describing the conflict between the tiny Zulu Empire and the British Empire. In 1879, this conflict resulted in the Anglo-Zulu War between the British Empire and the Zulu Empire. Many inhabitants of the of the tiny empire became fugitives and tried to make a living elsewhere.

As it happened, a Lovian philantropist had adopted an orphaned Xhosa boy listening to the name Enoch whom he made attending the very best art schools in Lovia and abroad. As a result Xhosa is now the conservator of the Zest! museum.

Collections Edit

The collections vary greatly, including caricatures gathered from all over the world portraying famous artists, painters, and politicians. They are on display in the Caricature Quarters.

Famous works from different artists having been in the news recently for different reasons, are on display in the F(r)ICTION Hall.

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