Zeppelinair is a modernized zeppelin-building venture. It was created out of the ashes of the transport company Association Atlantique Ballon (AAB), which was founded by Emile 'Le Ballon' Depistelaire. The company offered zeppelin flights from and to the American mainland. After the second World War the enterprise went bankrupt due to emergence of newer air technology. In 2002 a new investor, Charles Depistelaire, renewed the companies infrastructure to fit the newly created goals (1) tourist instead of pure commercial transport (2) a cheap alternative to the transportation of goods throughout the archipelago.

Technology Edit

List of zeppelins Edit

  • Le Grand Ballon, translated as 'The Great Balloon', is the biggest airship in the Zeppelinair fleet. It functions as the main zeppelin for transportation and has a volume of approximately 200,500 m³. Le Grand Ballon is named after the founder of the Association Atlantique Ballon, Emile 'Le Ballon' Depistelaire.
  • The Jonballong, slang for Jon's Balloon, is designated for passenger cruises and was named after Jon Johnson. The airship hovers over the entire archipelago giving an excellent view of the countryside. This attraction is very popular with tourists. The Jonballong has exquisite accommodations, it contains for instance a restaurant, lounge room and a mini theater.
  • The MedZep is named after Lovia's prime minister Yuri Medvedev and is used for commercial people's transport. It is mainly a unique way of moving around. It isn't used too often and mainly focuses on business people and richer individuals who dislike traveling by train or who want to do something special. There are three conference rooms aboard.
  • The Diminator is the smallest but fastest moving zeppelin in the world. It is used for the unique purpose of providing humanitarian assistance in conflict regions. Airships of this type are praised for their speedy circumvention. The name was originally a nickname given by UN troops but was later on adopted by the company.
  • The Sluttermayer is the second biggest airship in the company's armada. It provides international transport of goods, mainly from and to the American mainland. The airship was named after Heinrich Sluttermayer who introduced a new kind of steering wheel that allows more grip. This little handiness makes it possible to gain half a minute when flying a mile.

Tourist tours Edit

Transport of goods Edit

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