Yunus Xuan Identity
Yunus Xuan 2
Name Yunus Xuan
Full name Yunus Xuan
Sex Female Female
Born January 14, 1984, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Spouse Engaged to Alfred Mariott
Home Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Functions Fashion model
Movie actress
Languages English, Chinese

Yunus "Charlie" Xuan (Sofasi, 14 January, 1984) is a Lovian fashion model and movie actress of Chinese origin. Yunus is a fashion model at Westling Photo since 2003. Her English unofficial name is Charlie. Her official name, according to Chinese traditions, would be Xuan Yunus, as surnames are always located before the given name. She is in relationship with tattoo artist Tan Poh Liang.

Yunus Xuan is a member of the Sofasi Zen Buddhist Temple.

She also did the voice of Roxanne in the Lovian English dub of Martin Morning that aired on Lovian Television.

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