Yes! logo
Abbreviation Y, YES!
Founded 2015

██ Indigo

Ideology progressivism, regionalism, farmer's interests
Spectrum Centrist
Lovian Politics
Close to MCP, LF
Far from UNS, CPL.nm, MLPE, DPL, Re:, RWCP, RTP, RI
0 / 100
David Johnson, Ellie Maneth

Yes!, or Yes! - Sylvania is a minor local political party in Charleston and Sylvania. The name was chosen as the party is about positive action, improvement and change for Sylvania, and as it will strive to have a Yes/Can-do attitude.

Yes! was founded in 2015 both to represent local views in the Stephen Headland and Emerald Highlands of Sylvania and help bring progress and improvement to the areas. The party was founded over discontentment with the political division between left and right as well as a lack of good centrists in Lovia. The party has no plans to operate nationally as of now.


Yes! was founded in May 2015 in Charleston as a party representing Western Sylvania and regional interests there. Farmer's Force, a local agrarian party, was one of the founding entities of the party. The party was founded as centrist and largely moderate, at contrast with most parties in congress which have a clearly defined leftist or rightist stance.

Yes! chose David Johnson as party leader on 1 June 2015. The party would like to work with MCP and Lovian Future on state matters.

Electoral historyEdit

Yes is participating in the 2015 Local Elections in Sylvania. Presently they are running in the Headlands Region and the Highlands.


  • Yes! wants to secure more federal and state involvement, not just financially in the headland and highland regions, to improve transportation and market accessibility of regional goods.
  • Government should help promote agriculture and it's importance to the economy. Yes! will ensure to work with the necessary organs to ensure farmers are well supported.
  • Yes! supports the creation of a good, affordable and accessible medical center to serve the highlands.

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