Wrexley Media Company

Wrexley Media Company logo

Name Wrexley Media Company
Type Public
Industry Media conglomerate
Product Newspapers, TV broadcasting
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovia
Founded September 5, 1999 by Joseph Wrexley
Owner(s) George Wrexley
Headquarters Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, Seal of Clymene Clymene
Service area Flag of Lovia Small Lovia (mostly Clymene)
Employees 32,500
Subsidiaries The Bredish Times, Brediẍ Kanal, Brediẍ Sender
Profit increase $35 million (2013)

Wrexley Media Company is a Lovian company, founded by Joseph Wrexley and owned by his son George.

The company focuses on media, with two subsidiaries: The Bredish Times, a bilingual journal, Brediẍ Sender, a radio station in Bredish and the Bredish Channel, a TV channel in Bredish.