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Worldtree is a Lovian social networking site. Its beta version was launched May 29, 2010. Worldtree is hosted by Percyweb, a company that was established by writer and LD politician Percival E. Galahad for this sole purpose. The website dubs itself "Lovia's own Yggdrasil", after the world tree in Norse mythology. Currently, it offers blog posts, web statistics, an internet news feed, short news tweets, cartoons and a Noble City Times feed. It is one of Lovia's most visited websites.

Its web design was loosely based on that of The Comrade. In turn, Lovia-now based its design on that of Worldtree.

External links Edit

www.ccpl.lo (about) - www.lovia-now.lo (about) - www.ltv.lo (about) - www.thecomrade.lo (about) - www.positivelovia.lo (about) - (about) - www.worldtree.lo (about)

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