The Woodstock Winter Festival was a winter market and festival held in Woodstock Forest, Little Frisco between November 20, 2013 and January 4, 2014. The festival featured a ferris wheel and ice skating rink, as well as several fairground rides, a German market and many food and drink outlets. The festival was themed around Christmas and winter in general.

Layout and attractionsEdit

The festival occupied the northeast quarter of Woodstock Forest, with entrances on Journey Avenue and Ocean Avenue. Below is a list of the attractions at the festival.

  • Ice Rink- There was a large ice rink near the Ocean Avenue entrance, with skate hire and hot chocolate available nearby.
  • German Market- A large market selling a variety of Christmas and winter themed gifts, as well as many different types of German and international food, including bratwurst, hog roast, pizza, pasta, burgers, gingerbread, cookies and cake.
  • Fairground- A small fairground with several rides, including a ferris wheel, bumper cars and a carousel.
  • Christmas Land- A small Christmas themed area of the park, selling a large variety of Christmas gifts and food. The centerpiece of this area was a large lit up Christmas tree.


Whilst the market was free to visit, guests had the option of paying a $14.99 admission charge per person, which gave unlimited access to the fairground and ice rink for that day. Tickets were available for purchase at the entrance to the market, or online.

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