Windthorn Shores

A view of the coastal cliffs

Windthorn Shores (hexacode: KI-WS) is a rural district of Kings, first settled by French settlers in the 1890s. The district is located on the east coast of Kings. There are currently four settlements in the district; Stanley, Estarois, Neale Downs and Thameen, with the district's administrative headquarters being located in Stanley.



The district is known for its barren and scenic cliffs, the result of the volcanic sediments being worn out by the heavy winds and sea storms that are typical for the region. These shores thus consist of barren cliffs and naked rock shores. They form a friendly environment for small crustaceans and wadding birds of which several species have their nesting area along the coastline.

Further inland, the district is one of the flattest areas of Kings, with the district having a very small amount of hills.


There are four settlements in the district; Stanley, Estarois, Neale Downs and Thameen. The district's administrative headquarters are located in Stanley.



Windthorn Shores is represented in the Kings State Council by one councillor, currently Rakham Tarik Al-Asmari of the GP.

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