William Vanderbilt II (1887-1933) was a Lovian industrialist and businessman. He was born to William Vanderbilt and Elizabeth Ramsley in Noble City.

Professional life Edit

William inherited his fathers highly successful multi-million dollar railway companies (Emerald Railway and Kings State Line) and his other manufacturing businesses upon his death in 1911. He expanded the rail-road business and added new factories. But, he was an extremely lavish and unwise spender. He and his family owned 4 houses, two in Lovia and two in Europe. He bought many fancy cars and owned two yachts, and he had an extensive art collection.

Bankruptcy Edit

By 1926, he had driven the down the family's fortunes to almost nothing. He had to sell his family's share in the Emerald Railway. In 1928, Lovian banks repossessed both of his Lovian houses, and he had to get a loan from his cousin, Albert Arthur Ramsley to keep his family going. Most of the factories were sold or repossessed by the banks, and his foreign homes were sold. He sold most of his cars, which ended up in the Royal Garages museum. His art collection was sold and now resides in the Museum of Art. William died in 1933, a penniless man. He left his family a massive $425,000 debt, and only $640,000 in the bank.

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