William Trumbel Identity
William Trumbel III
Name William Trumbel
Full name William Morgan Trumbel
Born January 11, 1960, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Kinley
Functions MOTC
Governor of Seven
Languages English
Member of the Congress
Term 1) 2003-2004
2) 2004-2005
3) 2005-2006
4) 2006-2007
Election 2003 Federal Elections, 2004, 2005, 2006

William Trumbel is a former Lovian centre-right politician. He was Governor of Seven for two years as a representative of the local Unionist Party, before standing in the 2003 federal elections as a member of newly-founded Freedom First. He lost his seat in the 2007 elections and has since been inactive in Lovian politics.

He is the grandson of former Governor William Trumbel.

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