William Trumbel Identity
William Trumbel
Name William Trumbel
Full name William Terence Trumbel
Sex Male Male
Born 7 October 1906, Flag of Ireland Cork
Deceased 23 December 1971, Flag of Lovia Small Kinley
Spouse Jacqueline Trumbel
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley
Functions Governor of Seven, businessman
Languages English
Flag of Seven

The current flag of Seven, designed by W. T. Trumbel.

William Terence Trumbel (7 October 1906 - 23 December 1971) was the governor of Seven for the Unionist Party between 1943 and 1945. After his first term, he decided he preferred to help his party in an advisory role rather than as Governor, standing down to make way for fellow Unionist Kirtsen Blacksmith. He changed few of the policies of his popular and capable predecessor Henri Burton, and is most well-known as the inventor of the Trumbel flag, which was used continuously in some form as the flag of Seven between 1944 and 2015.

Trumbel was an Irish-Lovian; he was born in Cork in 1906, and emigrated to Lovia in 1922.