Bill Jefferson Identity
William Jefferson
Name Bill Jefferson
Full name William "Bill" Theodore Fogg Jefferson
Sex Male Male
Born 1849, United States New York City
Deceased 1922, Noble City
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Founding Father
Languages English
1849-1870: Protestant (Anglican)
1870-1876: Protestant (Presbyterian)
1876-1922: Agnostic

William Bill Jefferson (New York City, February 17, 1849 - Noble City, July 23, 1922) was an American-born Founding Father of Lovia.

He came to the Lovia Archipelago on the schooner Francis II, led by future monarch Arthur Noble. Before moving to Lovia, Jefferson was a failed lawyer who had been banned from the bar. In Lovia, Bill Jefferson became one of the political brains behind the nation and the first settlement. He was befriended with leading figures as King Arthur, Abigail the Lovely Johnson, and writer George Smith.

Jefferson's parents were English and Welsh and moved to New York City, US, several months before his birth.

He is known to have been religiously undecisive. Born and raised an Anglican, he later on become a Presbyterian and afterwards lost his faith and confessed to be Agnostic.

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