William Goodwin Identity
William Goodwin
Name William Goodwin
Full name William John Goodwin
Sex Male Male
Born May 4, 1953, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Spouse Ellis Sobol (1981 - now)
Home New York Building, 5th floor,
1A Freedom Avenue, Seal of Downtown Downtown, Seal of Noble City Noble City, Seal of Sylvania Sylvania
Functions writer, publisher
Languages Flag of Lovia Small English

William Goodwin (Noble City, May 4, 1953 - Libertas 2009) is a Lovian writer of fiction. On January 30, 2009, he founded Goodread Publishings, his own printing and publishing company in Noble City, where he has been living his entire life.

Goodwin was born a Roman Catholic but converted to Judaism shortly before marrying his Jewish wife, Ellis Sobol, a writer of children's books. Together they have one son, David (born February 2, 1983) and one daughter, Sarah (born September 26, 1986).

One of Goodwin's novels was the basis for the Brunanter-Lovian film Thaumaturge of 1989.

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The Legend of F'ril the Dragonslayer Edit

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People often think that William Goodwin is a pen name, because it sounds like one a fantasy writer would use, doesn't it? Guess I was just destined to do this.

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