William Friscorn

William Patrick Friscorn (2 July 1988 in Newhaven) is a Lovian soccer player who currently plays for Björnby SK in Inselöarna as a goalkeeper.


Friscorn was born in Newhaven and grew up playing for the Newhaven Rockets. He made is Rockets debut in 2006, but played only three matches in two seasons. Manager and coach André De Funès never believed the young goalkeeper could ever become a star like other Lovian goalkeepers like Timothy Mika, William DurhamDanny Payd and Ellis Carmona. He was likely to be released at the end of the 2007 season due to poor performances for the Rockets.

He joined Libertan club FC Olympia in 2008. Friscorn played less than fellow goalkeepers but his results were astonishingly good. With Olympia, he got attention for his stunning saves.

In 2012, Friscorn moved from Olympia to Björnby SK in Inselöarna. He replaced Oskar Jano who joined Olympia. Friscorn became first goalkeeper with Björnby. He played with his team at the 2012-132013-14 and 2014-15 WNFA Leaders Leagues. In 2015, rumours about his possible departure from Björnby to the United States or Libertas were distributed in several newspapers.

He has been called up for the Lovia national football team several times, but never played.

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