William Cavanagh Identity
Name William Cavanagh
Full name William George Cavanagh-Falcon
Sex Male Male
Born June 9, 1978, Sofasi, Clymene
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Politician, activist
Languages English, French, Bredish

William George Cavanagh-Falcon (born June 9, 1978 in Sofasi, Clymene) is a Lovian politician.

Early life Edit

William George Cavanagh-Falcon was born to James Prescott Cavanagh and Suzanna Bronwyn Falcon in Sofasi, Clymene. His parents moved to France when William was 3, and returned to Lovia after having lived in Lyon for seven years. William went to high school in Sofasi and got interested in socialism, post-modernism, critical theory and feminism during his senior year of high school. He pursued a brief career as cook in a Sofasian restaurant before travelling to South Asia for two years. After that, he started studying political science in Noble City and became active in the local activist scene that protested against the Iraq war, briefly occupied buildings in north Noble City as part of protests against police brutality and (perceived) sexism in Lovian higher education.

Cavanagh wrote a pamphlet called "Lovia and the United States - A Micronation and a Super Power Intertwined", a surprisingly pro-American essay on the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic ties with Lovia's bigger neighbor.

Cavanagh is also a member of the Radical Lovia, a leftist Lovian think tank.