The Whithdonck-Malsky I Government was a federal government of Lovia, alongside the 2015 Congress. The government was notable for being the first to be led by an independent, the first to consist entirely of leftists, the first since the establishment of the constitution in 2008 to be headed by a female premier, and the shortest-lived in Lovian history, lasting 22 days.

It was formed on May 8, 2015, following the Federal Elections, 2015. It was preceded by the Hoffmann I Government and succeeded by the Ilava III Government. Independent politician Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky was elected prime minister, and selected a government comprised solely of leftists (the first government to not be a grand coalition since before the 2007 Constitution was signed), declaring that she would "follow a socialist path". The government proposed several controversial bills, notable among which were a proposal to settle Burenian refugees in Lovia, a healthcare bill, a reform to the education system and a far-left taxation proposal. All of these met with vigorous opposition from both conservatives and moderates within the government, and these two groups allied together to pass a conservative-proposed alternative tax plan on May 30. Whithdonck-Malsky took this as a vote of no confidence and resigned immediately as PM, together with other far-left ministers.

After a reshuffle to fill the vacancies, the government was transformed into the Ilava III Government, a coalition of centre-left and conservative parties. Although the Ilava cabinet is often viewed as a completely separate entity to its predecessor, constitutionally the two form a single continuous government.


Head of state Name Party
Ruling monarch

King Sebastian I of Lovia

does not apply
Prime Minister Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky independent
Minister Name Party
Minister of Agriculture Annabelle Mayer UL
Minister of Commerce Jon Johnson CPL.nm
Minister of Culture Aina Sarria RI
Minister of Defense Judy Almore UL
Minister of Education William Krosby SLP
Minister of Energy and Resources Andrew Smith RI
Minister of Environment Nicholas Sheraldin GP
Minister of Family, Youth, and Elderly Sarah Lambert LF
Minister of Finance Lucy Austira SLP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Liam Mitchell LF
Minister of Health Justin Abrahams UL
Minister of Justice Rakham Tarik Al-Asmari GP
Minister of Labour Miroslav Znalic CPL.nm
Minister of Minorities Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky independent
Minister of Science Peter Blanch SDU
Minister of Social Affairs Katie Conroy LF
Minister of Tourism and Sport Levi Straszev GP
Minister of Transportation George Wrexley UL
Speaker of the Congress Isabella Munson CPL.nm
Appointees Name Appointed by


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