The wedding of Prince Sebastian of Lovia and Louise Wilson took place on December 2, 2009 at Great Royal Palace in King's Gardens, the residence of then King Dimitri I of Lovia. The partly nontraditional wedding was between Prince Sebastian of Lovia, second in line to the Lovian throne, and Louise Wilson, a Lovian civilian. Approximately 500 people attended the wedding, and the global audience was estimated between 50,000 and 60,000. All living members of the royal family attended the wedding, as did many heads of states from countries around the world and most major Lovian politicians. The couple were engaged in November 2008.

Course of Events Edit

The wedding began at 11:00 PST, with reception and brunch in the Great Royal Palace for all of the guests. Afterwards, the formal wedding ceremonies and vows took place at 13:00, presided over jointly by Sebastian's mother, Princess Sylvia of Lovia and an agnostic group chairman specializing in non-religious weddings.

Once the formal ceremonies were complete by 14:00, the new couple preceded to a small, private lunch with the King, while the rest of the guests were catered to in the dining room of the palace. At 14:45, the couple arrived at Sebastian's house in southern Noble City, where the first kiss occurred. Celebrations continued for a few hours. At 18:00, the newly weds headed back to the palace for a royal dinner, where the royal family sat down for a lavish dinner.

Louise later stated, "It was a wonderful day. The food was especially good, so kudos to Dimitri's cooking team. Thank you for all the support, Lovians!"

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