yggdrasil Edit


The blogosphere is quiet. Lovians are taking an early holiday on the beach.
Worldtree keeps adding new cartoons! Already thirty available.


www.ltv.lov is doing some re-organizing, after the website fell in the popularity surveys.

30 MAY

Percival E kicks off political debate on "the power of the Left" in his latest blog.
Many more cartoons available at Worldtree.
Worldtree becomes most visited Lovian website. Lovia-Now hops to the third place.

29 MAY

Worldtree's betaversion is launched by Percyweb!
Blogging option is already available. All users may upload their blogs without limitations. News feeds, including a Noble City Times feed, have also been introduced. New are the cartoons section and the internet statistics section. Worldtree also introduced small in-site advertisement banners to sponsor our activities.

outer space Edit

Mid-terms 2010 progress

Van Ghent (WLP, green line) rose to the top by the second week. Galahad (LD, yellow) and Johnson (CPL.nm, red) always stayed close to her.


The 2010 Mid-Terms are over. Individual winners are Martha Van Ghent and Percival E. Galahad. Leftist and progressive candidates did exceptionally well. LD however remains the biggest party, followed by WLP and CPL.nm. Congress is expected to re-arrange the Medvedev Administration soon.
Some Lovian socialists want to establish a public broadcaster.

29 MAY

PM Medvedev analyzes voting and Congressial changes after the Mid-term Elections, 2010. Leftists gain power; WLP and LD supposedly win elections.
Germany's Lena won the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Europe with "Satellite".

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