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Visit Brunant cities

BRUNANT. The name alone evokes images of the sand, sun, breathtaking scenery, and above all, it's charming towns and cities. From north in Cape Cross to south in Brunant Island, you will find all sorts of beautiful little villages, colorful towns, and large urban centers with much to see and do.

In Koningstad, you will have the chance to see world-class art and cultural museums, historic palaces and monuments and the hub of Brunant's government. In nearby Brezonde, be transported back to the sixth century when you see ancient Byzantine ruins, a stunning Arabian church and castle, as well as beautiful medieval Spanish houses.

On Hogeberg Island, you will have the chance to visit Grijzestad, a stunning city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can witness a town shaped by history, the founding site of an independent Brunant, as well as a target for war over the century. Come an explore it's citadel, the old walled city and it's many antique buildings, as well as the 1960s-designed U-Stad, a modern architectural marvel.

So if you are a lover of art, architecture, culture events, or history, you'll be sure to come across the town that has these all.

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