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Voters in Seven are greeted with a new Governor today in the form of Dimitri Kalinnikov, an ex-Federal Police Commissioner he has promised to work with Clymene to put the North back on top.

In the Federal Elections the ally of Dimitri's PNT is achieving success with early voters. Over a tenth of Seveners have visited their polling stations today already and most are thought to be CNP supporters.

However Seven has had quite a low turnout compared to other states so far. Only Kings has had less voters turn out this morning. Clymene, Seven's fellow northern state, has had a quarter of voters turnout today to mark their ballots.

Support varies in Seven with no party truly standing out, the CCPL, CNP and Labour are all front runners, however a large vote for "other" contains direct independent support and possible CDP support.

On American Island the CNP are the leaders, with many finding their non-religious approach preferable to the CCPL. On Philosopher's Island the CCPL take it home due to the strong Christian influence there.

Labour finds support from both islands. Many of these voters however agree that they'd prefer to support an independent over a party as their third vote, showing the Govenors home grown support base.

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