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Oceana is the only State with a contested Governor election and as early voters have flocked to the polls in huge numbers they appear to be voting heavily for the KNPO.

Early analysis of responses from those going to polling stations for the Federal Election suggest that Oceana has the highest number of voters today with 38% of Oceana already having voted, half of those for the KNPO.

In the State Election however the number is lower with around 25% of Oceana having cast a vote for who they think should be governor, again almost all for Alwood. This suggests that CNP and KNPO Federal voters are going KNPO at the state level.

Oceana is the only Lovian state where a single party has the majority share of the vote, CCPL is still running strong and over 50% of Oceana says they'd vote for them if elections happened tomorrow.

This has largely been put down to a combination of the strong Christian focus the party takes and the Charisma of the Governor, Oos Wes Ilava, who is popularly known by people as "Uncle Oos".

However the state still has other parties of course, with Labour coming in behind CCPL as the main party of opposition and the CNP taking third place just behind them, however the massive majority still stands.

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