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The citizen's convention gets off to a good start with the vast majority of citizens turning up to give their opinion and vote supporting the proposals being tabled by reformers.

There has been some opposition however from some constitutional purists and there has been some great debate from citizens concerned with the electoral reform, moving away from pure proportionality.

Some citizens have wholly boycotted the process, with most boycotters saying that they'd rather let Lovia calmly carry on than throw it into upheaval in the hopes of revival that never comes to fruition.

Lawyers opposing Donald Trump's travel ban have said that it would cause chaos to restore it in light of fresh attempts to revoke the suspension brought by an American judge.

This comes after a series of tweets from the President hitting out at the judge responsible for the ruling. Saying that the judge had "put the country in peril" and said that "if something happens, blame him".

Americans themselves remain divided on the issue with a huge amount of support and opposition for the measure. Outside of the U.S. opinion is slanted more against the ban than for it according to polling.

Business Lifestyle

With the strengthening of the Lovian Dollar alongside the US Dollar it's now a lot easier for Lovians to afford the imports of other nations. However is this a good thing for the Lovian economy?

Businesses have complained that they are losing the competitive edge they once held with a weaker dollar. This is particularly hampering Lovia's low-tech manufacturers, reducing their margins greatly.

However there are some that are taking advantage of the situation to import cheap foreign products. There are complaints that local companies are being undermined and renewed calls for the Lovian Dollar to be unpegged.

A group of walking enthusiasts has begun making online maps of various routes of interest across Lovia. The group have said they aim to "reinvigorate the legs of Lovians across the nation" with this project.

Some routes are of a particular historical interest, taking routes that were taken by early colonists for example, while others are about the natural beauty of the walk and go amongst Lovia's greatest natural attractions.

Based in Kings, the group has begun by creating walk routes there, and are asking for fellow enthusiasts to work with them to map the most exciting walk routes across all of Lovia.

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