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Welcome to the website of congressman Sakalír Kelmný!
Witeate to that websait o'tshlen o'glide Sakalír Kelmný!


22 January- A message from Congressman Kelmný

Dear constituents, I have been re-elected to congress! It was a close race but team Kelmný made it through. I would like to thank my wife, my kids and especially you, the people of Drake Town, for making this possible. In office, I would like to table plans for greater infrastructure development not only in the town, but across the state in order to better peoples lives.

14 January- Political rally in Drake Town

Labour held a rally in Drake Town in support of Congressman Kelmný. There were many constituents who braved the cold to come out in support of him and he personally sent mails to everyone to give his thanks.

20 October 2011- Re-opening of Galactic Park

Your congressman was present at the re-opening of FK Galactic Hurbanova's Galactic Park. Kelmný, a huge fan of the club since the 1960s was delighted at having been chosen by the team and the community to cut the commemorative ribbon.

About your congressman

Congressman Kelmný was born on October 23, 1947, in Drake Town. He was politically active as a youth, campaigning for workers and miners rights, as well as defending those of students. He joined the Lovian Democratic Party in 1999 and served as Mayor of Hurbanova until 2005. He was elected to congress in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and has also served since 2011.


To contact Congressman Kelmný, you can send him an email at kelmny@labour.lo or write to him at:

Noble City office

15 Democracy Avenue, Office 22 Downtown NC, Sylvania (01) 55-12-901

Drake town office

25 Danish Avenue, Office 4 Drake Town, Oceana (02) 13-02-195

Around the community

Kelmny serving beers

Congressman Kelmný had a busy holiday season in the community. In December, he visited various Christmas parties in Drake town and Hurbanova. He went to Mariaberg Hospital on the 23rd to deliver presents and read a story to sick children. In early January he visited veterans of the Lovian Civil War and personally thanked them for their services done for Lovia.

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