Warning Express is a Lovian book by James M. Jackson, written in 1932. It was adapted into a film in 1964. A present-day adaptation of the novel to the internet society of the 2000s was made by Lars Washington in 2008.

Film adaptation Edit

Warning Express is a 1964 movie by James M. Jackson, based on his book. It was a minor production of Transbaum Films and was relatively popular. The movie featured Simon McCann as the protagonist, and also Caroline Koch.

Comparison of the 1932 and 2008 versions: excerpts Edit

James M. Jackson book from 1932 Lars Washington short story from 2008
"The man on the railroad is a dead man." "The man on the railroad is a skeleton."
"The man died of alcohol abuse." "The man died of drug abuse."
"The victim had been excommunicated by the Christian population." "The victim had been blocked by the Wikipedia community."
"The victim was an alleged rapist." "The victim was an alleged vandalist."

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