War in Oslobodenia is a planned Lovian film based on the Civil War that will be mostly filmed at the remains of Oslobodenia 'Oshenna. It will be directed, written and mainly played by actor Sam Xacozeil. It will be played by some of lovia's best actors and actresses. It is expected to be released by the end of 2012. It has a total budget of $LVD 210M that is expected to be all used up to make the film.


The story begins in Hurbanova where Lovian Secret Service agent Andy Leskromento (played by Sam Xacozeil) is working on a mission for Lovia when he gets a call from his company telling him he is now assigned on a more important mission fighting for Lovia to win back Oslobodenia 'Oshenna. He is at first captured by commander II Duce Octavian and taken to the Isle of Frisco (private island of II Duce Octavian) and was now challenged to a shooting challenge, where when it came to Xacoziel's turn, he shot the guards and came back to on the day fight for the lovian army section under Semyon Breyev. He then became a battle hero capturing 9 high-ranked Oslobodenia army members.


The War in Oslobodenia premiere will be held in Noble City on a confirmed date of the 31st December 2012. All of the actors will be in Noble City with popular celebrities including Dave Leskromento and other actors. The undecided band/singer of the upcoming song War in Oslobodenia will also be in Noble City at the time. The location will be either in one of the Stirling Cinema branches or the massive cinema extension at 6 Southern Avenue, New Town.



Filming LocationsEdit

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