W.W. Pennington

Walter Wallace Pennington (1869-1917) was a Lovian-American entrepreneur and businessman.

Early life Edit

W.W. Pennington was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a family of salesmen and retail workers. His father had been excellent at inventing machines that nobody needed and selling many for lots of money. Yet, they did not become millionaires. Young Walter moved across america, selling his inventions. But, many did not buy them and he was going broke. He decided to either go to Canada or Lovia. As he didn't have the papers required to enter Canada, he came to Lovia (illegally though).

Life in Lovia Edit

He came to Lovia in 1888 to sell his "gadgets"; an egg boiler and an ice machine, among other things. He became a traveling salesman, selling his "nifty machines" to people willing to buy them. He settled down in Noble City, where he met Sir George Coningham. Young Walter Pennington became a friend of him since he admired admired Sir George because of his excellent skills as an entrepreneur. When George died in 1911, he went all the way to northern Kings to attend the funeral. He married Sylvie Lebrun and had 4 kids; Charles Pennington, James W. Pennington, Stephanie Pennington and Gerald Pennington. With his wife, they made many medical equipment and got rich. It was thanks to this that the Pennington Family is where they are now; The Penningtons are rich and famous and have connections to the Royal family (Queen Elisabeth is a Pennington). Walter retired from the family business and gave control to his son Charles.

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