Vladimir Boudenski

Vladimir Boudenski

Vladimir Boudenski, known as Dr. Boudenski (Budapest, 1949-2010), was a Lovian communist politician and has been the leader of the LCP. He was a very outspoken and controversial politician who was replaced as a leader by Hengst Smid.

The son of the Hungarian-Russian Carol Boudenski and Dutch Rea Damsterborg, he has been a high profile member of the Lovian Communist Party. He has had conflicts with the party leader August Magnus Donia over the fact that Donia is a firm supporter of the monarchy while Boudenski is against monarchy as it reminds him "of his grandfather who was killed in Russia during protests following the coronation of the last Czar".

Boudenski has been living in Lovia since 1956, the year his parents fled from Hungary. He has been involved with politics since he was a student in the 1970s and onwards.

Personal life Edit

Vladimir Boudenski married in 1996 with a woman 23 years his junior, his secretary Channon Métsen. They have two sons and three daughters. Boudenski enjoys the outdoors, fishing and playing chess. He also likes wodka and hunting and is an avid mountaineer.

Death Edit

Boudenski, who was a part of the internal struggle that led to the LCP's fall, was found dead on july 6, 2010. He was decapitated and his head was found on a pole in the garden, with a post-it on his forehead saying: "Don't mess with the Donia Clan".[1]

References Edit

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