Case Villanova is a political controversy centred on Marcus Villanova (2010 MOTC for Walden), which occured in October 2010 during the State Elections, Fall 2010[1] [2]. Villanova proposed a deal to conservative politician Alexandru Latin whereby Villanova would endorse Oos Wes Ilava (CCPL) in the Oceana state elections over his fellow Waldener Andy McCandless, if Alexandru Latin voted for progressive bills in Congress and supported Waldener candidates in future elections[3]. Marcus Villanova admitted the conversations had taken place[4][5]; however, in the meantime he stated that Latin's accusations were false and that Latin was lying[6][7]. The case raised great media attention during the campaign before the Federal Elections, 2011.

Alexandru Latin who was at the time imprisoned for fraud[8] told this story for the first time to his brother Cristian Latin[9] on November 25, during a visit hour, when Cristian had told him about a strange comment made by Marcus Villanova in the Walden Election Council, that "someone of the CCPL would owe him something"[10]. Cristian Latin, acting as a whistleblower, immediately contacted the media. As a result, several articles appeared that day in local and national newspapers, causing rumours throughout the country. Once Alexandru Latin had been liberated on November 28, he was invited to come on the Oceana Late show to share his knowledge about the case[9]. On this show, he claimed that Villanova "tried to bribe" him[9] and that Latin himself was "completely innocent in this case"[9]. Furthermore, he stated that he had full proof in the form of a recording of the conversation[9]. This recording was leaked the next day to newspaper La Quotidienne, which published the piece of evidence in an article[11]. Villanova claimed that the evidence was fake; however this statement has been invalidated by several important politicians, including Edward Hannis[12] and Ygo August Donia.

Prominent Walden member Edward Hannis called Villanova's action "[..] dishonest, fraudulent, and a conspiracy, all of which are bad image or illegal"[13]. The leaders of Walden did officially react, neither did they take internal action to solve the problem.

Although a nation-wide poll showed 40% of the participants were in favour of punishment for the culprit(s)[14], no judicial action resulted. It was suggested that a Judge could could declare Villanova's support for Ilava invalid, but many experts pointed out this would have no effect on the results of the election[15]. It was also been pointed out that none of his actions are prohibited by the laws of Lovia.

A few days after, on December 3, when Villanova and Latin met each other on Oceana Late for the first time since the controversy to discuss the case together, Latin was shot down and died on live TV. Every person at the table, including host Ygo, got injured, excluding Villanova, the only one not to be hit. According to the police it was the criminal's specific goal to eliminate Latin. It was never clarified whether the murderer had a share in the controversy or not.

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