The Villanova Sport Arena is a arena that was built in 2009. The Arena was started being built in 2008 for FC Villanova. The Arena isn't really a arena but a giant sports complex with many fields, shops, pubs, and viewing areas. The Arena doesn't have any Perment tenants, execpt FCV, but holds the annual LSCA Curling All-Star Game and major soccer and Rugby games. In 2009 the stadium held it's first event were the Boston Cannons and the Toronto Nationals, United States Lacrosse Teams, played to show how fun lacrosse is. The stadium then held a American Football Exibition game between the New York Giants and New York Jets.

Fields of Villanova Sports Arena Edit

Villanova Pitch Edit

Villanova Arena

Villanova Pitch

The Villanova Pitch is a Rugby Field used for rugby games, behind it is the check in center with Pubs, Gift Shops, and Viewing areas. The Pitch seats 1,000.

Villanova Field Edit

Villanova Field

Villanova Field

The Villanova Field is the area for American Football, Lacrosse, and Soccer. The Field is used annualy for a Lacrosse match with MLL teams, and LSCA Lacrosse League. The Field can seat about 9,300 with about 100 people in the standing room.

Libertas Stadia Edit

The LS is another sports complex inside Villanova Sport Arena with five soccer fields inside it.

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