The Villanova Family is a European family now based in Lovia. The family came about when Ernst Villanova had a falling-out with his family and got a new house in Germany. The family is also in control of the investment and media company Villanova Inc.. Marcus Villanova is the second youngest member of the family, and a Member of the 2010 Congress. The family was highly political from 2011-2013 when the family decided to reitre from the federal political spotlight to better manage the family company. Only Andrew and Marcus decided to stay in local Lovian politics.

The eldest parents Ernst and Hiedi are from war torn Europe and came to Hurbanova for five years, before moving to Noble City where Ernst met Hedi. They had two children each born in Hurbanova as well. The family was fortunate to win a substanial lottery to buy an apartment in Noble City where they stayed. Frank Villanova was an unsucessful playwrite, who died in 2009.  The family did win the lottery again this time much bigger and was able to open a media conglomerate and huge corporation known as Villanova Inc.. The family got involved in politics in 2010 when the very young Marcus Villanova got elected to congress. Most of the family also got elected in 2011.

The family has connections to all five states. Oceana and Sylvania are where Ernst and Hedi met and lived for most of there life. Occasionally they visted Beaverwick and own small small land there and is why Luca and Villanova Stadium is located there. Seven is where Andrew and Marcus both live sometimes in Novosevensk. Clymene is the "new" home state to Marcus where he was governor.

The family was a strong, recognized political force up until the start of the 2014 Congress. Many of the family retired from national politics and then entered Clymeni politics. During the begining stages of the 2014 Clymene Crisis most of the family was brutally attacked and killed by the radical members of the Communist Revolution Union. During this meeting the following members died: Xavier Jackson, Danny Villanova, Michaela Villanova, Samantha Villanova and Dennis Villanova. Governor Marcus Villanova was removed from being Governor and was shot twice in the left leg.

In July of 2014 the family declared to "stop being involved with Lovian public affairs" and "end their dedication to Lovian politics".

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Family tree Edit

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