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Vernaide Tremoyne (born 1949) is the daughter of Florentine Fortesque and Scott Tremoyne. She was an actress and model, and appeared in the spy film Intrepid. She did modelin in the 1970s, mainly for Albert Tremaire. She has a half-sister named Brigit Fortesque, also a fashion model. Vernaide Tremoyne is the widow of famous fashion designer Nathan Ares.

Personal lifeEdit

Vernaide Tremoyne met her future husband, fashion designer Nathan Ares, in 1974. He quickly fell in love with Vernaide, whom he saw as his muse and who inspired many of his designs. In 1979, on the day of Vernaide's 30th birthday, they married in a lavish ceremony in Noble City. The couple had two children, a son (Xavier Ares) and a daughter (Miranda Ares-Jackson), in 1981 and 1986 respectively. The couple remained married until Nathan Ares died in 2006.

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