Veloz Travel Publishing
Name Veloz Travel Publishing
Product Travel guides
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovia
Founded July 2013
Owner(s) Veloz Group (100%)
Notable persons Clarence Shea (CEO)
Headquarters Seal of Noble City The Mall, Noble City
Profit Not yet released

Veloz Travel Publishing is a Lovian publishing company, specialising in travel guides, and other travel publications. It is owned by the Veloz Group, who founded it in 2013, to fill the gap in the Lovian publishing market. The company will release its first two publications in July 2013.


The following writers contribute to the company's guidebooks.

  • Louise Moran (Contributes to the Sylvania and Oceana chapters of the guide to Lovia)
  • Jay Keller (Contributes to the Kings, Clymene and Seven chapters of the guide to Lovia)
  • Gabriella Anderson (Contributes to the Dining and Accommodation chapters of the guide to Lovia)
  • Martin Viergens (Contributes to the guide to Brunant)
  • Elly Casement (Contributes to the guide to Brunant)


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