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September 29, 2007

For reasons of clarity, I have been asked to make an official statement as to my engagements here:

As may be evidenced from my past and current inactivity in Lovia, I have left the islands for better prospects on the continent. (I am no longer in residence in one of the homes I used to own in Lovia.) I shall cite personal reasons for my departure, as well as an economic incentive. Further more, I have never wished to live in a war-mongering nation for a day longer than would be absolutely necessary. I regret that the leadership of Lovia, which includes myself, have allowed populists and anarchists to take advantage of our noble weaknesses. Since I have not been able to saveguard Lovia from the events of the past months, I feel like I should no longer be involved in this hopeless project. I believe I share this opinion with several other former politicians and leaders.
I thus abandon my duties officially, if it were that case that Lovia still considered me to occupy any function. I will, to assure you, not return to resume any of these duties.
All responsibility to restore the nation lies in the hands of those who call themselves politicians, leaders, elected representatives, military and police executives, and so forth. Whether you and your fellow Lovians will take this task serious, is something only you and your friends will have to assess. I suppose the current leadership bears full responsibility for all actions taken and not taken.
I have confidence, however, that good leadership and virtue resides within at least some of the current leaders.

Furthermore, I will request that my bureaucrat rights shall be repealed. American Eagle 19:11, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

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