United Protestant Church

The United Protestant Church, abbreviated UPC, is a Lovian mainline Protestant Christian church association and the largest religious body in Lovia. The UPC unites Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, non-denominational Protestants and some Lutherans and Calvinist. The UPC was formed in September 2009, after a merger of five church bodies: the Lovian Methodist Association, the Presbyterian Church in Lovia, the Episcopal Church (Lovia), the Church Union of Lovian Baptists and the Reformed Church of Noble City. In January 2010, the ecumenical Church of Unity joined.

Due to the church's small size it does not have a carefully defined structure, but is led by the Dean Henry John Ludd, who is given the title Very Reverend. This is a tradition inherited from the Episcopal Church.

Parishes Edit

Parish Location Area covered by parish Pastor Image
United Protestant Church

1. North Noble City Parish
Seal of Little Frisco Little Frisco Northern neighborhoods of Noble City[1] Very Rev. Henry John Ludd
United Protestant Church

2. Sofasi Parish
Seal of Hightech Valley Hightech Valley,
Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
State of Clymene Rev. Zechariah Nobel
United Protestant Church

3. Hurbanova Parish
Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova State of Oceana Rev. Fabian Duda Fabian Duda
United Protestant Church

4. Kinley Parish
Seal of Kinley Kinley State of Seven Rev. Yvonne Achen Yvonne Achen
United Protestant Church

5. South Noble City Parish
Seal of New Town New Town Southern neighborhoods of Noble City[2] Rev. Karl Von Heinz Karl von Heinz
United Protestant Church

6. Train Village Parish
Seal of Train Village Train Village Rest of the State of Sylvania[3] Rev. Sydney Welsh
United Protestant Church

7. Portland Parish
Seal of Portland Hurket-on-Kings Southeast of the State of Kings[4] Rev. Thomas Smith Thomas Smith
United Protestant Church

8. Northwest Kings Parish
Seal of Malipa Malipa Northwest of the State of Kings[5] Rev. Lea Wood

Bible use Edit

Parishes of the UPC

Parishes of the UPC

The United Protestant Church uses the Lovian Standard Version (published by Lovehouse Bibles) in church. However, the church has been looking for another , more mainstream Protestant translation to use in church. Until now, no such translation has been found. Zack Habermas, a young UPC pastor, explained why the church body didn't "just go for an American or British translation". He said: "Our church is an unseen phenomenon in North America; uniting Christians formerly scattered over denominations and churches of all kinds, and giving them a strong sense of being a Lovian Christian, the way our Lord would have wanted it. Therefore, we seek a translation that fits our special needs as a unique Lovian church."

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  1. Transcity, Mandarin Village, Little Frisco, King's Gardens, Citizen Corner, The Mall and Little Europe
  2. Artista, Downtown, Bayside, Old Harbor, Trading Quarter, New Town, Industrial Park and Long Road
  3. Train Village, Charleston and Clave Rock
  4. Portland
  5. Newhaven and Beaverwick

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