The cafeteria.


The snack bar.

Umenie is a Lovian cafeteria and snack bar in Drake Town, Hurbanova. It was opened by Jamal Hustróva in July 2008 as a restaurant, and was notable for its large art collection. In November 2009, they made tremendous losses and it almost went bankrupt, but was bought by Oos Wes Ilava who decided to convert it into a cafeteria and snack bar. Many of both the employees and the staff of the snack bar are Korean-Lovian, and for that reason the menu is, unusually, provided in Korean as well as English and Oceana. The cafeteria is run by a Romanian family and is one of the most successful food shops in Oceana.

Reviews Edit

Friendly service, but the food is pre-heated and ready-made. Few fresh ingredients were used, so the quality went down. 1 star-Guide Cinq Etoiles

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