Truth Island self-determination is a popular movement in Truth Island seeking to achieve some autonomy from Lovia all the way to outright independence. In informal polls and votes between a majority of the population are in favor of autonomy within the Kingdom of Lovia and a small minority would support independence. There is support against autonomy, but within that there are some open to statehood.


Local autonomy movements have arisen since the 1980s, though from the 1960s to the late 1990s the area had some degree of isolation and self-control. The first significant event in autonomy was the actions of April 2014, where through a local referendum those voters present decided in favor of autonomy linked to Brunant. There was significant opposition for this, given that many people did not vote, others were in favor of autonomy within Lovia or statehood and some that supported autonomy did not want unilateral action. That same month the island returned to Lovian control though not without continued support for self-determination. 

Following the civil disturbances in Clymene that overthrew the government, the invasion of Lovia and the slow recovery afterwards there has been increased demands for local self-governance to ensure stability locally. Proponents of self-determination aim to undertake activity at the grassroots level and through political means. The few figures in favor of independence advocate a unilateral secession.

Self-determination movementsEdit

Informal polling and votes have revealed that the idea of autonomy within Lovia is popular among a plurality of the local population, though there is still a significant proportion of people against it, some of which favor statehood as an alternative. Separatism commands only a small minority of support.

There are a number of groups advocating for local autonomy all the way to separatism, such as Citizens for Truth Island and Local Action First, and Independence Block.

On top of those there are significant business interests/groups that are starting to push for autonomy due to financial reasons, especially among larger businesses. Many casino owners, business entities favor autonomy as a way to push through favorable taxation ton increase the number of tourists and shoppers, and as well would be interested in establishing offshore gambling on the Island to further generate funds, which they say would benefit Lovia as a whole with increased revenues.

Within Lovia the first major party to support autonomy or the right to self-determination for Truth Island has been the Republican Initiative. Shortly after, the Lovian Unionist Syndicate, in support of the movement, announced a three day strike of about 70 tourism and 57 meat and fish packing workers in Ferguson Beach Village. The strike will take place from October 22, 2014 to October 24th.

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