Bandera de traspes

The flag of Traspes

Traspes (official name: Republic of Traspes, Republica de Traspes) is a country situated in the Atlantic Ocean, near Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The country is composed of three major islands and several rocks and islets. Traspes has as its capital the city of Alcacer. The area is 2670 sq km, and the population is 1.48 million. Traspes has a history that extends to before the Romans, with the first settlements around 400 BC. After the control of many powers Traspes was under the control of Portugal and then Spain from 1409 to 1873, when a republic, then a new kingdom and republic was proclaimed in 1878.

Relations with LoviaEdit

Traspes and Lovia have many links, a lot with culture. The writer Pedro Puentes Majar was from Traspes and is now in Lovia and many Lovian proffessors of the Blackburn University visit Traspes to study the history and culture.

Traspes has an embassy in the capital Noble City, the Traspesian Embassy.

External linkEdit

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