Seal of the Trans Sylvanian Railway

The Trans Sylvanian Railway[1] (TSR) is a double-track railway between Noble City and Train Village, Sylvania. The railway opened on March 2, 2008 and the first train rode from Train Village, past the stations and halts of Noble City, to Little Frisco that night. The last part of the trip, through the capital, coalescs the first part of the Peace Island Railway.

The line is a single-track railway between Train Village and Clave Rock.

Railway stations and halts Edit

Railway stations are bold, railway halts not.
  1. Seal of Clave Rock Clave Rock, TV (Clave Rock Railway Halt) (terminus)
  2. Seal of Train Village Train Village, TV (Express Station or Train Village Railway Station)
  3. Seal of Transcity Transcity, NC (Transcity Railway Station)
  4. Seal of Mandarin Village Mandarin Village, NC (Mandarin Village Railway Halt)
  5. Seal of Little Frisco Little Frisco, NC (Little Frisco Railway Station) (terminus)

Railway companies serving this railway Edit

References and notes Edit

  1. Not to be confused with Transylvanian Railways.

See also Edit

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