The Traditionals was a Lovian art movement that begun around 1885 and ended somewhere around 1919. It was a reaction against Impressionism. A group of older artists found that we should respect the traditional rules of painting, and art in general. They called themselves 'the Traditionals' and opened an exhibition hall in Newhaven. A well known traditional was the American-Lovian painter Morten Rown.

Movement and ideas Edit

The first known art movement in Lovia was the French Impressionism; a popular movement in Europe, the United States, and Lovia. As the impressionist art became more exeburant, opposition grew. The Lovian artists felt a need to an own art movement. It were the fotographer Atget who first opposed against the impressionism and, later on, the surrealism. he founded the movement in 1893, how well trails of the movements ideas can be found already in 1885.

The Traditionals see art as a medium of registrating reality. In poetry, the Traditionals use classical forms such as the sonnet. They spend a lot of importance to the sound of a word. They use a modern language and choose daily subjects. In general, the traditional style is academic and critical towards new ideas. In their proza, the Traditionals like to use intertextual references. This makes their works complex and not so easy to read.

New Traditionalism Edit

From 1945 till 1952, there is a revival of the Traditionist ideas. How well the art goes back to the traditional trends and values, there is no organised movement like in the original Traditionalism. In contrary to the traditionals, neotraditional poetry doesn't make use of the classical form. Instead they use a free ritm, which makes the poetry a lot easier to read. Neotraditionals do still use the daily life as main subjetc in their art. New and 'classic' Traditionalism are often mistaking for each other.

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