Tollwich Hill

Tollwich Hill.

Tollwich Hill (Oceana: Tollwishgoard, IPA: /'t̪olʲwiʃgɒ:ʁ/, or, rarely, Tollushke, IPA: /'t̪olʲyʃkɛ/) is a hill on the Isle of London which is 32 meters high. It is the highest point of the island. There are no trees growing on the hill, instead it is covered with rocks and grass.

There are plans to build a look-out tower on top of the hill. Several environmental organizations have protested against this, as it would disrupt the natural scene on the Isle of London. As a consequence, construction, which was planned in early 2015, has been suspended until further notice.

Erosion Edit

Tollwich Hill is prone to erosion due to heavy sea winds and precipitation. As a result of this, the hill decreases on an average of 6 centimeters each year, which means that it has lost more than 5 meters of its height since the beginning of the twentieth century. Some people fear that eventually the entire Isle of London will disappear. This has not been demonstrated scientifically though.

Erosion is the reason why there are no trees growing on the island, as there is no soil in which the trees can take root.

The Isle of Frisco shows significantly less erosion than the Isle of London.

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