Timber Harbor
Name Timber Harbor
Population 411[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Bredish
Next to Feltmolen
Nicknames Huthaaf an Coust, Timber
Timber Harbor sign

Timber Harbor is a hamlet in the state of Clymene. It is situated on Asian Island, near Feltmolen. It has 411 inhabitants. The ethnic make-up of the hamlet is very complex and diverse. The most common Clymene minorities are almost equally divided. Most people are of Dutch, British American, Scottish, Chinese, German or Swedish origin.

The most popular language is Lovian English, but a significant minority speaks Bredish as mother tongue.

Timber Harbor is situated on the coast. As the name already implies, the hamlet has a harbor. The name of the hamlet is a reference to the timber shipped to Peace Island.

The O'Brian Harbor Clinic was established in 2008 to cut down on the emergency cases sent to Sofasi.

A statue of Petrus Aloysius Maria Pernambucq was erected in Timber Harbor in the 1990s, damaged in the Lovian Civil War of 2011, and restored in 2013.

References and notes Edit

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