Tiffany Azoub Identity
Tiffany Azoub
Name Tiffany Azoub
Sex Female Female
Born 2 May, 1989, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Singer, songwriter
Languages English, French

Tiffany Azoub (2 May, 1989 in Sofasi) is a Lebanese-Lovian pop singer and songwrite, curently assigned to Lovilago Music. Her debute single "Bring me the Stars" was a moderate success, followed by another single, "Kissing in the Rain", which was a nationwide hit.


Tiffany was born to Lebanese parents, who had came in Lovia from San Francisco. Her older brother, Mario Azoub, is a famous magician and illusionist. She and her brother grew in a Christian environment, but they both are agnostic. Tiffany was a moderate student and after finishing high school she decided to follow her dream and become a singer.

In 2010 she moved to Noble City and started performing at the Grey Lounge of Little Europe. Soon she attracted the interest of Lovilago Music, but the three-years contract came in 2011. In July she released the single "Bring me the Stars", which sold a few thousands copies, chiefly in Clymene. In September 2012 it was released her second single, "Kissing in the Rain". It did very well, reaching number 12 at Plus Top 20. Soon after, Tiffany announced she will release her first studio album in 2013.

Personal lifeEdit

Although Tiffany wants to keep a low profile, many things are known about her private life. She used to date Tan Poh Liang in 2009, but their relationship lasted for about three months. While in Noble City, she has been seen with an unknown man, several years older than her.