Through a Closed Door

Album by Hyperbola

Type studio album
Released 2012
Recorded 2011-2012
Genre progressive rock
Length 84:47
Label GoldenDisc

Through a Closed Door is the second studio album by the band Hyperbola, released in 2012. It had a slightly more high-profile release than their eponymous debut album, and had similar positive reviews. The album is a bit more experimental than the band's previous album, featuring, for example, jazz aspects on the track "Compulsory Prohibition" (which features saxophonist Ted Fairweather), and sound effects on "Vinyl Experience". There is also a cover track on the album, "Where the Darkness Meets the Sea", which is based on a 1996 Popscene song of the same name.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Introductory Movements"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake, Roggeman 1:35
2. "Just a Small Country Off the Shore of the Continent"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 8:08
3. "Rain Over the Noble City Bay"  Sheraldin 4:53
4. "Himalayan Express"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake 11:07
5. "Compulsory Prohibition"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Fairweather 5:39
6. "The Man on the Corner"  Vasilyev, Sheraldin 6:46
7. "Where the Darkness Meets the Sea"  Linscott, Walker 7:49
8. "Upward Shift"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 5:22
9. "Vinyl Experience"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake 3:42
10. "Cave Opening in the Jungle"  Roggeman, Sheraldin 6:11
11. "Interrupted Transmissions"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 2:29
12. "Through a Closed Door"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 5:40
13. "Nothing is Left"  Sheraldin 4:45
14. "Where They Lived"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake, Roggeman 10:41
Total length:


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