Bale at a 2011 Progressive Conservative Conference

Thomas Bale, born December 5th 1955, is the Canadian-Lovian founder of the Progressive Conservative Party. He grew up in in Canada as a child, in the Yukon Territory, and by the age of 28, in 1983, he was a vice-chairman for the Yukon Party, a local conservative party. He moved to Lovia in 1987, where he met his wife Andrea.

Bale began a business venture in 1995 with some friends, centred around a small store in Newhaven. The business was burnt to the ground two years later, probably by arsonists, Bale made a fortune from the insurance policy. In 2000, Bale decided to enter politics and formed a political party called the Progressive Conservative Party, which would promote social liberalism, universal health care, education, but with a core of conservative economic and social values. The party grew quickly, obtaining about three hundred members in northern Lovia. Members mainly focused on winning seats on the boards of the First Charter Schools of Lovia, which are considered the highest learning for elementary school students. Bale was elected to the Newhaven Elementary school board in 2010, where his children Jerry and Claire study. The PCP, and Bale, were heavily criticised for this approach.

After artist Kim Dae-su joined the party, its fortunes rose dramatically. Bale, Kim, and 5 other MOTCs were elected in the 2011 special elections, and Bale became the Secretary for Tourism and Leisure. The party suffered a internal schism, however, when Dae-su and his followers in the party became involved with the rebel side in the Lovian Civil War. Bale at one point threatened to expel Dae-su from the party. In the 2012 elections, Bale was the only PCP MOTC to be re-elected.

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