This American Girl is the debut studio album by This Could Be Anywhere, released on 13 July 2007. It is generally considered a pure emo/pop-punk record, with very little of the experimentation that dominated later releases.

Some of the album's tracks were taken from the band's previous EP, Year of Recording 06/07.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Arrow Shot"   3:24
2. "This American Girl"   2:55
3. "Out on the Days"   4:00
4. "Half of Who I Was"   3:13
5. "She's An Atomic Bomb"   3:17
6. "It Would Be"   2:48
7. "Not In My Own House"   5:02
8. "Death and Shadows"   4:31
9. "Following Me Around"   2:40
10. "3rd Gear Is The Closest To Light Speed"   4:01
11. "Departure" (instrumental) 1:52
12. "Last Thing's Gone"   3:12
Total length:

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