The Senate

The Senate playing at the Newhaven Concert Hall.

The Senate is a Lovian rock band from Kinley, Seven. The Senate was founded in 2004 by Thomas Cath (vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Max Adams (drums) Lou Mansfield (bass guitar) and Rebecca Cohen (keyboards, synthesizer, xylophone, cymbals). It is signed to Warped Records. The band released four studio albums to date, as well as one EP and a live album.

The Senate is influenced by Popscene and Ray Sister from Artista, Noble City, and Dave and the Recorders and Rain King from Sofasi. The Senate plays a mixture between psych folk, drone music, ambient indie and post-rock. The band was heavily influenced by early electronic artists such as Kraftwerk and Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft, and focuses on a rigid beat, hypnotic vocals and minimal changes. The psychedelic, hypnotic quality of the music made The Senate a cult band in the Lovian music scene. The songs defy any conventional song structure. Many songs are characterized by minimal changes, drones and tweaked guitars.

The band was characterized by Tone Factory as a "fuzz pop Velvet Underground on amphetamines".

Discography Edit

EPs Edit

  • Angkor Wat Blues (2004)

Albums Edit

  • Human Myxomatosis (2005)
  • Psych Ambient (2007)
  • The Senate Live @ Warped Sofasi (live album, 2010)
  • Dubhead (2011)
  • Entry-Level Music Mania (2013)

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