The Rare and the Unknown is a box set of B-sides and rare tracks released by Popscene in 2005. It features the content of EPs and demos, as well as B-sides, and some tracks planned for album release but that never made it.

The box set contains 6 discs.

Track listingEdit

Disc 1: Three EPsEdit

This disc contains the Sleeper, Allow Him to Escape, and Null Factor EPs. While the first two were publicly released, the third never was, and only resurfaced in its original form in 2013.

Tracks 1-4 are Sleeper, 5-8 are Allow Him to Escape, and 9-13 are Null Factor.

Disc 2: Days of the WeekEdit

Features several alternate takes and live performances of 'T.W.F.' from Instrumental Songs for the Vocally Challenged.

No. Title Length
14. "T.W.F." (album version) 9:18
15. "T.W.F. (Monday)" (alternate take) 6:52
16. "T.W.F. (Tuesday)" (alternate take) 8:04
17. "T.W.F. (Wednesday)" (demo version, recorded November 1995) 9:32
18. "T.W.F. (Thursday)" (live 3/30/97) 15:24
19. "T.W.F. (Friday)" (opening part of the song, live 11/14/96) 4:42
20. "T.W.F. (Saturday)" (alternate take) 10:18
21. "T.W.F. (Sunday)" (lead piano section only) 2:45
Total length:

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