The Party of the SubGenius
Abbreviation TPotSB, SubGenii
Leader Rev. Karl Kopenhagen
Deputy Leader Rev. Mohammed Alwaleed
Founded 2017
Colours Black, white, grey
Ideology Culture jamming
Spectrum Centre-wing
Lovian Politics
Close to None
Far from None
0 / 100
Sylvania local councillors
0 / 60
Notable members
Rev. Merill Cuckoo, Tapedeck Destroyer, Teknik Bass

The Party of the SubGenius is a centre-wing Lovian political party. The party was founded in February 2017 by SubGenii Rev. Karl Kopenhagen (born Xing Jiang Smith) and Rev. Mohammed Alwaleed (born Abd al Jabbar Asghar), and currently has about 99 members.

The party is affiliated with the parody religion the Church of the SubGenius and because of that, is mostly not taken seriously by most Lovian people.

Members Edit

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