The Noble Forests

The Lovian single cover, that differs a little from the original Libertan design

The Noble Forests is a Libertan and Lovian hit single by the former Libertan and present-day Lovian music group Full Frontal Buddha. It appeared in Lovia June 1, 2008 and was produced by Lovilago Music. It is an original track of the album Memories of the City and the second single from that album.

It was the first FFB single to be released in mainland North America.

The song is about an urban forest in Wikicity, the Nobelbos or Noble Forests, where the band often performed. It is often thought the song has something to do with the Lovian royal family, though the Libertan forest is in fact named after the Scandinavian scientist and inventor Alfred Nobel.

Production information Edit

The Noble Forests, from the album Memories of the City

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