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2013 General Brunanter Elections off to a start
April 12, Koningstad. Our Koningstad Correspondent, Andrew Maple has been over to Koningstad today as the brunanter elections have officialy started. Many people are heading down to the ballot, and exit polls show that the most popular person so far is Peter Wostor. This is subject to change as it has been rumoured according to a poll that Gert Henneman and his party have gained lots of support from a simple poster that has been put in pubs across the country. Current Prime Minister, Peter Wostor told us he is confident his Green Party can win the elections, and he is confident that allies CDU and SDP will also get votes from enviroment activists. He said he reckons the most powerful coalition will be a GP-SDP-CDU one planned to be formed after the elections. All brunanter citizens living in Lovia may vote at the Brunanter Embassy in Noble City, and you can may also send a letter to the Noble City embassy which will then be added up to the voting system. The voting will close on April 21st and the new government will be in installed by the 1st of May.

Nations' second largest party has an unknown future
April 12, Noble City. Former leader of Social Christian Party, Andrew Maple has today hinted that the Social Christian Party may shut down and return to the original parties before it due to the lack of support. The support factor will be tested during a poll, and it is said that if it does however close down, it will not do so until the year 2014. The message was told to The Newhaven Post, but after recent rumours of closing down, Justin Abrahams has kept Leskromento confident about the idea of the Social Christian Party. Leskromento has alot of confidence still, but the name may have to be changed. Mr. Oos Wes Ilava has recently pressured the party about merging into the similar but larger Conservative Christian Party of Lovia, which will expand the party to over 30 seats, more than half of any other party. Leskromento and Abrahams have in the press declined this, and claim they wouldn't ever merge into the party. Nothing is looking certain at the moment, but the party has received lots of criticism because of the low profile of the ideology.

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